Hybrid Drivers

It’s not exactly a fairway driver, and they’re definitely not Distance Drivers, so Prodigy decided to name their moderately wide rimed drivers “Hybrids.” Like the other prodigy golf discs, the lower the number, the more overstable the disc, so the H1 is really beefy overstable while the H4 is the least overstable of the class. Prodigy H-series discs are very unique and no other disc golf brands carry similar molds.

Click these links to buy Prodigy Hybrid drivers at the best possible price:

  • H-1
  • H-2
  • H-3
  • H-4
  • H-5 (This is a nice new understable prodigy driver, great for new players!)

In 2018, Prodigy introduced new, re-tooled Hybrid drivers known as the V2 series. These links will lead you to prodigy discs in V2.

There are a good number of Hybrid drivers that can be purchased for less as misprints and x-outs.