Bags & Backpacks

Prodigy offers a variety of different disc golf bags for disc golf budgets.

5965d1f4-d33c-4a69-a4ac-a4f8270ce19aprodigybp1grayIf you’re looking for a tournament quality bag with all the bells and whistles, consider the Prodigy BP1.

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1d6a08e4-345b-4050-a390-b9ede4b97cd6prodigy20bp320all20colorsIf you are a casual disc golfer who wants a valuable product at an incredible price, consider the BP3. This bag will help you look good on the disc golf course. The Prodigy BP3 bag holds more than 15 discs, is light weight, a back pack, and is priced at under $30!

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pi_f7318059-7d46-49e3-8e02-231121ed69f8prodigy20practiceIf you’re looking for a great disc golf storage bag that will literally hold all of your back up discs, you’ll definitely want the Prodigy Practice Bag. This thing is the hottest seller from Prodigy in 2016!

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