Distance Drivers

Prodigy Disc currently manufacturers 11 distance drivers. One of the nice things about Prodigy, is that its easy to tell the stability of a disc based on the number. Higher numbers tend to be more understable while lower numbers are very Overstable. The most overstable of all the Prodigy Distance Drivers is the X1. In addition to the traditional Prodigy plastics, some of the drivers are available in light weight “Air” and “RX” blends. These lighter weight discs are easier for new players to throw and provide potential for more distance.

The Original Prodigy drivers were the D-Series drivers while the “X Series” was added in 2017. The X-Series drivers are thinner with a lower profile to produce more speed and fly faster. The X-series drivers have a slightly smaller rim than the D-Series.

Current Prodigy Distance Drivers:

D- Series Drivers

X-Series Distance Drivers